NoBo, DeBo, AsBo & ISA

Your partner for certification & assessment.

Railcert B.V.

Railcert B.V. is an international inspection and certification company which forms the gateway in the fields of railway know-how, approval and certification. To bring innovative products to market, Railcert B.V. is your independent partner to assess your product and prove that it meets the requested safety requirements.

With a pool of more than 50 international experts Railcert B.V. offers inspection and certification activities as

• Notified Body (NoBo) according to the directive 2008/57/EC
• Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) according to the European standards
• Designated Body (DeBo) in the Netherlands, in Luxemburg and in Germany
• Assessment Body (AsBo) according to the EU-regulation 402/2013/EU

Railcert B.V. is an Inspection Body Type A according to 17020 and an independent company in the TÜV SÜD AG network.

Railcert B.V. is active in the rail business only. For other TÜV SÜD requests please contact the TÜV SÜD headquarter directly by phone (Tel.: 0800 - 888 44 44) or by using the TÜV SÜD contact form.